Thanks for visiting my website and dive a bit more into my art.

I have always been attracted by universal symbols. From old myths, antics, and foreign cultures to hip hop culture, graffiti, rap music. I like antagonism and mixing influences from different countries, culture or time make sense to me in the end. It's my work as an art director that pushed me to play around simple shapes and meaningful design to be straightful.

I believe there is different ways to watch a painting or a design. The first look give a primary feeling, you know this moment when you look at something without overthinking and you instinctively feel something because of the shapes and the colors. The second look when you try to figure out what else you can see in a paint, the hidden symbols, the faces, beyond the look.  

I love strong colors, I truly believe that art can be a cure to make people and I happy and it's because of this that you will often find colors in my designs.

In my journey, I like to experiment different mediums, such as clothes, object and murals. I would be bored if I could only paint on canvas, and every time I have to work on a new material it feels like a new challenge!

Don't be shy and shoot me a message if you have any project.